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Jonathan specializes in helping students realize their singing and instrument-playing potential whether they’re a total beginner or seasoned performer. He believes everyone can sing and play an instrument and that it’s never too late to learn. It’s all about breaking things down into small, manageable steps.

Jonathan helps students connect breath and voice, re-open the vocal channel, and re-discover their own voice. He emphasizes “the whole self,” drawing upon the Alexander Technique and Kristin Linklater’s groundbreaking voice work. A seasoned professional actor, musician, and singer, Jonathan also helps prepare actors and singers for auditions by offering constructive feedback, help with selecting audition material, monologue and scene work, and real-world advice on professional marketing for performers.

With guitar and songwriting students, Jonathan breaks down students’ goals and helps them find a pathway toward achieving them. He helps students discover how their instrument works mechanically and musically and to build a repertoire of songs they feel confident performing. He also teaches how to sing and play guitar at the same time and can help students develop their own, original songs.

Jonathan has performed in award-winning regional theatre, toured internationally, produced three albums, and either composed or arranged music for many plays and new works. For ten years, he taught music and drama as an artist-in-residence at public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been a songwriting judge and panel moderator for the FAR-West Conference and a speaker at the NAMM Show. He is also the Education Director for Dusty Strings.

Artist Mission Statement

I want to use my talent, resources, and art
To create opportunity and play my part

I am joyful, I am childlike, I am goofy, I am tight
I am hopeful, I am shameful, I am guilty, I am blameful
I am curious, I am listening, I am talking, I am glistening
I am found, I am wandering, I am firm, I am floundering
I am demanding, I am pissed, I am jealous, I am kissed
I am clinical, I am exact, I am foolish, I am intact
I am charming, I am creepy, I am a saint, I am sneaky
I am distant, I am cuddly, I am wanting, I am bubbly
I am annoyed, I am underrated, I am pleading, I am irritated
I am a master, I am a fool, I am a man, I am a tool
I am lonely, I am content, I am worried, I am spent
I am done, I am starting, I am fun, I am parting
I am impatient, I am responsible, I am understanding, I am intolerable
I am challenging, I am lazy, I am quick, I am hazy
I am honest, I am pleasing, I am insecure, I am teasing
I am calm, I am ticklish, I am panicked, I am devilish
I am nourishing, I am enabling, I am weak, I am unwavering
I am restless, I am bored, I am sleepy I am floored
I am knowledge, I am nimble, I am trustworthy, I am swindled
I am horny, I am warm, I am sexy, I am torn
I am thinking, I am believing, I am questioning, I am seeking
I am resigning, I am engaged, I am riled, I am caged
I am picky, I am afraid, I am nervous, I am okay
I am toying, I am rejecting, I am running, I am protecting
I am fortunate, I am grateful, I am learning, I am faithful

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