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Jonathan Shue is an actor, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and arts educator of more than twenty years. He has composed music for Palo Alto High School, Monte Vista High School, the University of Washington, and many theatre companies and projects in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. He has self-produced and self-released two original studio albums, Chasing Hurricanes and Little City. Jonathan has performed in award-winning regional theatre, toured internationally, produced three albums, and either composed or arranged music for many plays and new works. For ten years, he taught music and drama as an artist-in-residence at public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been a songwriting judge and panel moderator for the FAR-West Conference and a speaker at the NAMM Show. He is also the Education Director for Dusty Strings. Jonathan earned his BA in Theatre from UCLA and MFA in Acting from the University of Washington. He lives in Seattle where he is Education Director for Dusty Strings Music Store & School and plays keyboards in the band Jed Crisologo & The Sun Killers.

Artist Mission Statement

To use my talent, resources, and art
To create opportunity and play my part

I am joyful, I am childlike, I am goofy, I am tight
I am hopeful, I am shameful, I am guilty, I am blameful
I am curious, I am listening, I am talking, I am glistening
I am found, I am wandering, I am firm, I am floundering
I am demanding, I am pissed, I am jealous, I am kissed
I am clinical, I am exact, I am foolish, I am intact
I am charming, I am creepy, I am a saint, I am sneaky
I am distant, I am cuddly, I am wanting, I am bubbly
I am annoyed, I am underrated, I am pleading, I am irritated
I am a master, I am a fool, I am a man, I am a tool
I am lonely, I am content, I am worried, I am spent
I am done, I am starting, I am fun, I am parting
I am impatient, I am responsible, I am understanding, I am intolerable
I am challenging, I am lazy, I am quick, I am hazy
I am honest, I am pleasing, I am insecure, I am teasing
I am calm, I am ticklish, I am panicked, I am devilish
I am nourishing, I am enabling, I am weak, I am unwavering
I am restless, I am bored, I am sleepy I am floored
I am knowledge, I am nimble, I am trustworthy, I am swindled
I am horny, I am warm, I am sexy, I am torn
I am thinking, I am believing, I am questioning, I am seeking
I am resigning, I am engaged, I am riled, I am caged
I am picky, I am afraid, I am nervous, I am okay
I am toying, I am rejecting, I am running, I am protecting
I am fortunate, I am grateful, I am learning, I am faithful

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